Perfect hat trick race weekend for Beachburg native Nathan Blok at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Beachburg native Nathan Blok on track at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Photo by S. Blok

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BOWMANVILLE – Teaming up with BC Race Cars at the fast and challenging Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, 24-year old Nathan Blok returned to the track for his one and only time this year. Wheeling a 2018 Chevrolet Camaro in the GT1 Class in the GT Sprint Championship, Blok brought home three pole positions, three 1st place finishes and the fastest lap of the weekend at the Celebration of Motorsports Weekend held from Sept. 29 to 30.

“I’ve driven many challenging races in my career, but Sunday’s finale was easily the most physically challenging I have ever done,” Blok said. “Terry (Fletcher) and I raced each other very hard and very clean all weekend and having the pressure behind me for the entire last race made my difficult task harder than it already was. I owe a big thanks to Blaise Csida and the BC Race Cars team. They gave me an excellent handling car, worked very hard all weekend and worked to fix the power steering pump right up until that last possible moment. I owe a big thank you to my sponsors who stepped at the last moment to ensure a successful weekend: Woodys MVR, Certified Labs, SunSign Graphics, Belder Tool, H&H Construction, MacMillans Transmission, TD Products and”

Despite not being able to race this year due to a non-racing related double wrist fracture this past May, and this being the first time racing a 490 HP TransAm race car Blok was looking forward getting back behind the wheel. Blok is no stranger to driving competitively in both closed and open-wheel cars having experience in a number of disciplines from Formula 1600 to Formula 2000, Touring cars and IMSA Prototype Lites. He is the 2015 Formula 2000 Canadian Champion and a two-time Formula Tour 1600 Series Champion.

Qualifying for the 48 entrants took place in the early morning on Saturday, in cool and sunny conditions. After only 10 practice laps and 3 qualifying laps, Blok took pole by 0.255 seconds beating out #111 Terry Fletcher in a 800 HP Camaro in the T1 class.

RACE 1: The 25 minute Race 1 ran under sunny conditions. At the drop of the green Blok, still getting familiar with the car, added too much power creating wheel spin and allowing Fletcher to edge past him going into corner 1. Blok stayed right on his bumper through to the hairpin at Moss corner, until Fletcher took advantage of his 300+HP difference and pulled away on the straight.

On lap two, Anthony Polito in his T1 800 HP Ford Mustang was closing quickly and by the end of the Andretti straight he had caught up to Blok.

By lap four, the leaders were encountering lapped cars. Polito barrelled past Blok on the straight, dropping him to P3. Blok maintained close contact and on lap six, the top three cars were bumper to bumper when they came upon three lapped cars bunched together. Fletcher and Polito moved to the outside of the track while Blok moved to the inside. Blok made it passed Polito and then while Fletcher moved to the left of the first lapped car Blok continued to keep to the right, as they went three wide down the track. The second lapped car kept to the left forcing Fletcher to move to the right, but Blok was already there and with the three cars side by side, Blok moved into the lead and continued to pass the third lapped car.

Blok crossed the finish line in first place over all by 4.3 seconds and 1st in class by 31.5 seconds.

RACE 2: Early Sunday morning the GT Sprint/Challenge cars returned to a green track due to steady rain overnight. The race saw Blok starting on pole as the starting grid was based on Race 1 results. This time when the green flag flew, Blok was ready and easily took the lead opening up a gap by the hairpin at Corner 5. However by the end of the Andretti straight Terry Fletcher and Leigh Pettipas in his T1 800 HP Corvette were on Blok’s bumper. On lap two, warning lights on Blok’s dash indicated his power steering was starting to fail. Continuing to deal with this distraction, it was on lap seven when his power steering totally failed. After corner two the trio come up to five lapped cars, easily passing the first one on the right. Going into turn three, Fletcher moved beside Blok as they came up to #43. Fletcher went to the left, Blok to the right. Blok had to slow due to another lapped car directly in front of him which allowed Fletcher to move ahead into the lead. On lap nine, Blok made a second passing attempt at the hairpin, but was unsuccessful. On the inside of turn three on lap 10 Blok got beside Fletcher and they drag raced side by side to turn five, where Fletcher was slightly ahead. A lapped car in the center of the track forced Fletcher outside allowing Blok to move to the inside and re-take the lead. On lap 13 heading to the start-finish line Fletcher moved to the inside and again took over P1, where he stayed until Lap 16 when at turn five the back end of his car washed out a bit, allowing Blok to recover the lead. He then pulled away taking the checkered flag for second time in the weekend by 1.3 seconds overall and by 41.9 seconds in class.

With the threat of showers on the horizon, the BC Race Car team work vigorously over the next two and a half hours to repair the power steering pump but to no avail.

RACE 3: So with no power steering, Blok took up his pole position behind the pace car for the 20 minute race. The end of two him pulling away from the top three T1 cars who were sporting at least a 300 HP advantage – Pettipas, Bart Slot and Terry Fletcher.

Nathan Blok on the podium at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park with his First Place trophy in the GT1 Class in the GT Sprint Championship. Photo by S. Blok

By lap four Fletcher had moved from fourth to second and by lap seven had gained enough on Blok to make a pass on the inside of turn eight taking the lead from Blok. Blok made passing attempts on the next lap but couldn’t make it stick.

Fletcher and Blok sped bumper to bumper past the start/finish line overtaking a lapped car on corner two. Blok moved to the inside of turn three as Fletcher went wide and ran off the track. Making his way back on to the track Fletcher took up the chase but went off the track at turn eight on lap 10, hitting the wall and ending his race.

Blok soldiered on without power steering, taking the checkered flag 17.9 seconds ahead of second place overall and 54 seconds ahead in class for his third win of the weekend.

This made for a perfect weekend, three pole positions, three first place finishes and fastest lap of the weekend!

For information on Nathan Bok and sponsorship visit or contact Steve Blok at (613) 582-3867.